Classical Training!

Emphasis on creating form, function, and balance with your horse. Achieving a classical response at the lightest touch. 

It has been the tradition of Bastrop Farms to Classicaly Train their horses. Priming them for any discipline in their future. Judith Connely and now her Daughter Carol Bandy teach these horses to have good forward motion, willingness for the bit, and acceptance for your legs. You will find yourself pleased with your horses progress as well as your own. 

Carol Bandy (512) 923-7554 or 

Sarah Fotovich (512) 800-1954



When your horse is trained with Bastrop Farms, they become a well rounded animal ready for any discipline!

Lessons are included for the rider and their horse when in training. After all, what's the use of a trained horse if you don't know the cues?!

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Moving Forward!

I was so pleased to see my horse go from running backwards and having barn sourness to happily moving forward and relaxing. 

Jake's Owner

My baby is growing up

From foal to a grown gelding, my horse has been in good hands at Bastrop Farms. From halter classes, to Hunter under saddle, to trail horse; I trust Carol as a trainer. 

Fez's Owner


Learning with my horse!

Seeing my horse make progress and getting to be a part of it was exciting! Not only did I get my joy back for my relationship with my horse but also for horse riding!  

Jake's Owner




Training with results!